Comic Con & Sesame Street – a beautiful mash-up

Sesame Street goes to San Diego Comic Con 2014! Featuring Eric Jacobson (Grover & Bert), Joey Mazzarino (Murray), David Rudman (Cookie Monster) and hosted by Zachary Levi!

One of the many things I loved about the panel was the kid questions. At the 10:00 mark, two kids (approx 6-7 years old) ask a pretty logical question, “How do Grover books on my iPad, how does it sound exactly like Grover?”

Nice question kid! How do those characters get on the device and sound so real?!

At first, the panel jokes that it’s magic and that Grover lives inside, but they quickly tell the kids that it was all done in-studio and the voice recording is the real Grover.

What we can learn:
1) Kids don’t take things at face-value, they want to know the whys and hows of the world around them, including apps and games (for example how character voices, like Grover’s make it into the storybooks on their handheld devices).

2) Even though the kids are on the older side for Sesame’s target audience (the kids are already interested in more mature content – Star Wars), they are still engaged with Sesame’s key characters and content through digital devices.

Now for your viewing pleasure… the Sesame Street panel.
Side note: during the panel the gang talks about a YouTube video, called Sunny Day – you can find that below.

At this very moment, what’s your favorite Sesame Street video?