Glimpse of Me

I believe that the best way to understand a child is by seeing the world through their eyes. And, it’s through these kid-colored glasses that I approach and appreciate children’s learning, discovery, and play.

My passion for child development started over a decade ago when I held my first position as Manager in a cognitive research lab at Northern Michigan University. Since that time, my profession has been focused on improving the learning and developmental outcomes of children by lending my expertise in content development, youth brand strategies, and research. I have worked with Hasbro, Nickelodeon, KaBOOM, DreamWorks, and Sprout helping to inform direction and enhance product lines to meet the needs of kids today. I have also worked on the research behind shows like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Peter Rabbit, making sure that the content is just right for the target audience.

I’m now the Director of Learning at Tiggly where we are pioneering a new way to educate children in the digital age through play with manipulatives that interact with our learning apps on tablets.

I’m currently finishing my Doctorate of Education in Developmental Psychology and Technology and Media at Columbia University (Teachers College) where I have developed a strong foundation in child development theory, technological tools and media that assist in knowledge building, and education pedagogy.

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