Play = learning

You can not play without learning. 
The skills children learn during play are imperative to future success. 

Play = learningOne of the greatest issues our children face is the loss of recess and free play during their early years. Despite the vast amounts of evidence on the contribution of play in childhood and the impact it has on learning and development, we often put the notion of play as less important compared to learning content like literacy or math. Revolutionaries like Piaget and Montessori and Singer have shown time and time again that when play is nourished, children thrive.

Play allows children the opportunity to explore, experiment, create, and compromise. Play gives children the space to socialize, self-reflect, and empathize. Play is our basis of understanding for our later academic success, careers, and relationships. Play is where it begins; it’s where children grow and learn some of the most important lessons in life.

How do you encourage play?

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